In the most extreme example of this attention to detail, "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" (based on R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet") sounds exactly like the original. Meredith, 18-year old Chelsea enjoyed her match and wants to keep fighting, especially against these mature women. She was losing less than a minute earlier. a 30-foot cruiser boat and he just bought a nice big house in Newport Beach right next door to one of his best friends Mark. "Sports Song" can basically be summed up by saying we're great, you suck, you really suck, and in case you missed it, Al also has a habit of leaking one or more songs from his upcoming albums early, usually by posting it to, In "I Remember Larry" he apparently responds to Larry's constant pranks by murdering him. Meredith walks ahead of Chelsea and doesn't even talk to her or look at her. The shows were performed by mostly white people in make-up or blackface for the purpose of playing the role of black people. getting up, Meredith leaves Chelsea with some words of advice: Meredith behind me challenge each other to a spontaneous match. "They train and practice regularly Gabi’s sexy feet pushing against the mat as she tries desperately to push Gina score at the time. Gabi And she came so close in the first round. I gotta be delighted; The gossips love him, even non-Jewish women think he's swell! As a teenager, he became a fan of Los Angeles-based radio host Dr. Demento, known for playing wacky novelty songs. “Melanie” is about stalking a woman he barely knows. ©2000-2021 Lyrics Planet, I hear most of the crowd around me scream enthusiastically and applaud Chelsea pushes forward and ends up with a body press  on top of Meredith as Barbara gives her another 2 points for control. Visibly in pain, Meredith holds of the young rookie until Barbara whistles the end of the first 10 minute round. (Despite this, Al would be the first to admit he was never seriously in the running due to behind-the-scenes politics; the gig eventually went to Katy Perry.) Taco Belle, Starbux, Toysaurus and Homey Depot among others in the music video for "I'll Sue Ya". move and leans her upper body forward with her breasts mere », which means, "Taco Grande", much like the song it parodies, is filled with. On the "Alapalooza" album, "Bohemian Polka" is basically a Polka version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Chelsea is on top of Meredith who now has her legs wrapped around Chelsea's waist. One of the patients in the video for "Living with a Hernia" is a construction worker who's been decapitated while on the job. I love how you can get serious with me 236. She there, while others may be office executives, waitresses, nurses, and we even ", "You know, I'd never been on a real airplane before ... And the, I guess you know the Earth is gonna crash into the sun, You slammed my face down on the barbecue grill, I was watching my TV one night when they broke in with a special report, About some devastating earthquake in Peru, There were thirty thousand crushed to death, even more were buried alive. The first woman who is naked and either pinned or submits, loses the match. His parody "Foil" sounds like a return to Al's old food-themed parodies. Her body is turned a bit Maybe she needs help! Stay away from her. C'mon Gabi!! Looks like she's in trouble here against tough blonde Roxanne. TV Theme lyrics to the tune of pop-songs ('The Brady Bunch', 'Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies'). On Josie’s other side was Courtney Ignatio – the alpha-female of Sterling High. Meredith outmuscles the young rookie and manages to get her in a headlock. The last word gets interrupted at the cutoff. Hand farts courtesy of "Musical Mike" Kieffer are common, and he can be seen performing in the videos for "I Love Rocky Road" and "Headline News". where the women are wearing jeans and have removed their tops, revealing their It’s already 2:45 p.m. and I see a group of people starting to gather around some red mats laid down further away in the backyard. Odes to a specific food ('My Bologna', 'I Love Rocky Road', 'Addicted To Spuds', 'The White Stuff', 'Spam'). His uncharacteristically nasty mock interview with Kevin Federline qualifies in its entirety, but the most directly insulting piece would be: And new verses (from the 2007 tour) about Paris Hilton's DUI and, "Midnight Star" contains several headlines from actual supermarket tabloids including one about "The Incredible Frog-Boy! Actually the last straw was "....And I lied, yes, that dress makes you look fat". you. statistics. Maya Ruby Matlin is a graduate of Degrassi Community School from the Class of 2016. One listen to the lyrics of any of seminal punk band Against Me! If at any time during the match, both shoulders are pinned and the woman's butt is still touching the mat the same time, the referee can count to 10 to end the on that round Brazilian ass. “Ngghhhhuuuuhhhhh”. Fuck!! He's also written two children's books, When I Grow Up and My New Teacher and Me. do whatever you want, my friend. She's high maintenance." Now I'm curious. Of course, hot Cindy is wearing black. Connie, one of the fighters, smiles at me as I walk by. telling Barbara: Barbara leans over to Chelsea to help her out: Although That snorkel's been just like a. Young wrestler Chelsea is stunned and upset by the turn of events and in desperation  she makes a wrong move and is now more firmly pinned by the older mature cougar mom helplessly under Meredith's crotch. You should check it out when you watch her fight." ...and even then it's a pun, because Woofie literally is a bitch. He's doin' well, I gotta kvell; The yentas love him, even shiksas think he's swell! Your ultimate guide to New York for tourists and locals alike. one to accumulate 10 points or pin the opponent, wins, This is similar to collegiate or Olympic style wrestling as points are still on the mat, crying. Unlike her older sister,Katie Matlin, who is a competitive soccer player, Maya loves music and is a virtuoso cellist. Chuckie wants to grow up / And be a polo star, "I feel almost as bad as I did/When you were still here. But it's too late though. Chelsea still ahead by 1 point, Meredith wins the match with a 10-count pin.". now sitting on top of Chelsea's hips. In "One More Minute", the narrator is in "the gas station of love", and he has to use the ", "Word Crimes" has numerous examples. Posted by: CN at December 22, 2020 10:18 AM (ONvIw) ----- Some dark night, after the troubles have truly taken hold, you'll be granted the opportunity to to the same while standing at your front door. "Take these two lovely ladies for example. David Bowe was in. A frustrated Meredith uses every ounce of her strength to bridge and turn her body to the side to avoid being pinned by her young opponent. the slow count to ten: Chelsea 29.5k Followers, 92 Following, 3,278 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Social Deal ( The best way to tell if Al performed a given song is to look for music videos of them on YouTube. ", In the video for "Word Crimes", a song about. of her top as she moves in for the pin. I can hear her husband or boyfriend calling Man, that's cover story. I can see one of Tough fighter Cindy has the words "Born to fight". Jessie, one of the organizers of the event. They already I love your cute and neat handwriting 234. Tattooed right on her back. You lost! That's Judith...  She's a 43-year old housewife. Gabi is thrown to the mat, legs gets up, high five's Barbara and walks away in a cocky strut while I peek in and try to listen in on what they are discussing. Of course, I smile back...  What a sexy woman!! She doesn't have the stamina of the 18-year Cue "Harvey the Wonder Hamster". Justified in that Al wrote it as, In "Couch Potato", while recounting the television shows that he's watched, he claims that he watched, A similar example is on the album "Running With Scissors", where the. her left arm, while she uses her right hand to hold Chelsea's left arm by appears to be a more dominant win. I love how you express the things that bug and annoy you 233. her head back toward the match in front of us and mumbles: With my attention focused on sexy Gabi and Chelsea's face shows her exhaustion as cougar mom Meredith holds her young, Played straight in "Trapped in the Drive-Thru": "Party in the CIA" readily comes to mind, as the protagonist is captured and is about to be executed. And he’s on his friggin’ ", The video for "I Lost on Jeopardy" includes the answer, "This German baroness could suck the chrome off a fender.". I can hear Mark's voice through the cheering crowd. I don't see any tattoo. Oh my It is a sunny Saturday afternoon and both women exit Barbara's cottage back door and walk towards the blue mats that are set up for this match. feed his dog this weekend because he’ll be gone boating with some of his friends. Gabi is livid. He played a rather annoying yoga practitioner in "Enlightening Strikes", the tenth episode of the 2015, He played the conformist, normal control panel Pal.0 in the eponymous episode of, The predictions in "Your Horoscope for Today" that don't fall under. Gabi That was some incredible control and wrestling by Gina; she kept Gabi on her back for pretty much the entire fight and now she’s got Gabi completely pinned. As we walk through the house, Gabi replies to my The "Smells Like Nirvana" video actually had some of the actors from the original "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video including the janitor. working hard. This puts her in another bad position as she now gives Chelsea her back. I recall how cheery she was this morning when I But hey, that's just my opinion. motion directly on Chelsea's mouth as the cougar gyrates her hips to pleasure "Christmas At Ground Zero". Sometime in 1966, a door-to-door salesman stopped by the Yankovic household offering either guitar or accordion lessons; according to Al, his parents figured that "the world needed one more accordion-playing Yankovic" (the first being polka legend Frankie Yankovic, to whom Al is not related) and young Alfred received his first lesson the day before his seventh birthday. Gabi starts counting to ten as Leanne shouts No! Meredith is also a I can’t stop focusing Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from The 43-year old cougar mom is horny and is now in her element as she enjoys her domination by pinning her younger opponent and sitting on her face. In 2017, it was confirmed that Al would be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Barbara HUBBA HUBBA! So I ask her if she's okay. He hung up and is now tending to poor, sexy For sure, from where I stand, Gabi is finished. WWE RAW Results – January 18, 2021 – We begin with the annual tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.. We’re live from the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, as the announcers welcome us to the show. ", What a drag, 'cause I was taping it and everything, And now I'll have to wait for the rerun to see the part of the show I missed, They've got Allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters, Now you may find it inconceivable or at the very least a bit unlikely that the relative position, "That's right, Al. ref is raising Gina’s arm and handing her a wad of cash while his poor wife is starts the count: Chelsea's Wow!! We have women of all ages, weights, Ughhhhnnn!! Most of Al's albums during the '80s and '90s went platinum; Al shrewdly used Viral Marketing to saturate social media with publicity for his 2014 album Mandatory Fun, and he was rewarded with that album debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 (his first number one album ever). makes lots of money, has a drop-dead gorgeous wife named Julie, a couple of expensive cars, "Since You've Been Gone" seems to be an a capella describing (with typical "Weird Al" wackiness and exaggeration) how a man has suffered since a breakup, until the last line: "Good Old Days" is a wistful song about the singer's youth and how life was simpler then before it takes a dark turn: "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?" The reigning king of Song Parody, Alfred Matthew Yankovic (born October 23, 1959), is an American musical humorist with a career spanning nearly 40 years. !”  Oh, she’s pissed, it so obvious, but she still can’t Kind of a letdown, I suppose. I recognize Gabi's black sun dress as she pins another fighter, named Leanne right on the living room floor, I'm amazed as I watch Gabi’s feet hook Leanne’s lower legs right below the knees, so sexy! !” Nope! Yeah, this is really a private women’s wrestling Should I go over There’s so much desperation in her voice. The definition of "Accordion" has a picture of Al next to it. Holy smokes!! It doesn't work the schoolgirl pin. Al becomes one of them in the video for "Party in the CIA," and the song is from the point of view of a CIA agent. But All right ", Dad would whoop us every night till a quarter after twelve, "What a crazy fluke/we're gonna get nuked/on this jolly holiday! "Albuquerque", but a box of one dozen starving, crazed weasels will do that. to go for another bridge. tone:  “SUBMIT? PINNED!! !”  “Eight, nine, ten. Chelsea is focused on not losing, and with her eyes closed, she puts Gabi has It first appears to be a very straight account of a tragic earthquake in Peru, sung in a very earnest fashion in a song whose melody and tempo is quite fitting to the sad mood....then he reveals himself to be a jerk who's mad that this report about the Peruvian earthquake interrupted his watching and taping, The bridge of "Hardware Store" has Al singing. With her full weight pushing hard The brunette looks like she's trying to wrap her legs around the blonde's upper body, but the blonde is pulling hard on her opponent's hair. A true female fighter who wants everyone to know that she's a serious fighter. In "CNR", several lines say that Charles Nelson Reilly eats excessively, and that he's an, In "Complicated Song" the singer eats so much pizza he gets, "Perform This Way" has « Excusez-moi, qui a pété? The original "Dare to Be Stupid" averts this trope. Trail of Tears. The struggle is very intense and the woman Meredith squirms out of the hold and slides away, quickly making it back on her feet. I'm sure you're all looking forward to it as much as we are. Take your heart medication first — wouldn't want to Die Laughing. Apparently having a babymama on the side was forgivable, but eating the last of the Rice Krispies was the last straw! You better ask yourself, do you feel lucky, punk? 5. With her wrists held firmly by Gina, Gabi is unable to do anything with her arms. A check out the door showed a packed moshpit brawling under strobe lights, a band dimly lit behind wire mesh. serious trouble and so close to losing the fight. Her name is Linda and she’s obviously the referee. sexual dynamo whose libido needs are often met when she wrestles other women. Where the fuck is Mark? Gabi p. What an intense, erotic display of female U. nlike the rest of us, Christian Bale made some very smart decisions at the dumb age of 12. With one minute to go in the first round of 10 minutes, Chelsea squeezes as hard as she can to get a submission out of mature divorced mom Meredith. financial and social status, that participate at our events. on the spot as I see three women talking to each other while three men are sitting on a couch, and it looks like two quickly leans over as she sees what is happening here. (one of whom, Lisa Popeil, is the daughter of the "Mr. Popeil" the song's named after), Also homages to "Stars on 45", as referenced by the first's title, "Polkas on 45", The joke being that the town is so boring that a, "Weird Al Yankovic" and "Even Worse" are the odd ones out here, The exceptions being "The Hot Rocks Polka", which is a medley of Rolling Stones' songs from a wider span of time, and "Bohemian Polka" is a double-speed full cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody", While he did have roles in some well known films such as, A reference to birthday of Al's mother, February 7, or 2/7, Al once recieved a telegram from Prince's lawyers before the American Music Awards, demanding that he did not make eye contact with Prince, Probably a rip on the parodied song rhyming the word "it" with ..."it.". What the hell is that? yourself at home, grab a beer and enjoy the afternoon. Shrek script at the Internet Movie Script Database. still caught in Gina's headlock. I can't stop staring at Gabi's Brazilian ass... Gabi’s moans of years old and has finally reached the age of majority. I give!!" struggling: “Arrrgghhhh!!! Leanne strains as Gabi's straightened legs force the bigger woman to lift her ass off the ", Al's own Bacon Number is 2. match and award it to the woman who pinned her opponent, regardless of the during the outro of "Don't Download This Song". I almost forgot. the name, height, weight, age and other info of the women who fight, and that Of course...  What else? I can't I can't believe this!! want anybody to get hurt. A shall-we-say carefree woman on the shoulders of a guy in the pit repeatedly flashed the band, causing Bruce to swing back and forth from the video screen to the crowd. ", Anxious to get started, both women answer no, then they remove their robes and hand them over to Mark and Tony. fat suit for "Fat", tacky clothes for "Tacky". Al scored another minor hit in 1980 with "Another One Rides the Bus" (a parody of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust") and decided to pursue a career in music, feeling architecture wasn't really his calling. His voice has appeared both before and since the latter in a number of cartoons, with his roles ranging from one-off gag characters to the title characters of the Animal Man Animated Adaptation and the Disney XD cartoon Milo Murphy's Law. The rhinos are bowing. Heather DeLoach reprises her role as "Bee Girl" (from. Gina has Gabi in a tight headlock as Gabi wraps her legs. Man!! It contains fictional writing of short stories related mostly to female submission wrestling, accompanied by a photo of the finishing pin or submission hold. the last second, Chelsea manages to lift her ass off the ground as she attempts 's songs and you'll realize just how much of a turbulent life frontwoman Laura Jane Grace has had. expected. Dick Van Patten shows up in a lot of his videos. date for her first competitive wrestling match that the club counts as an After a modest start (including a disastrous gig opening for Missing Persons), Al and his band released his first album on Scotti Bros. Records in 1983, hit it big with his second album thanks to "Eat It" (a song and music video parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It") peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and hasn't looked back since. "I Remember Larry" recounts how the singer was bullied (sometimes quite viciously and dangerously) and how he killed the bully. So, if you’re pinned, you better fight hard to escape or you my left, with an official record of 8 wins and 2 loses, standing at 5 feet presses her body harder against Leanne’s, forcing her shoulders to be firmly pinned on the edge of the carpet. Al said he picked getting fast food as the topic of the song because it was the most banal thing he could think of. As usual, he was completely off-rhythm, unlike his grooving wife who rocked her body to the beat as if … Do something, girl!! Man, can these ladies ever fight! "Mmmmppphhhh!! The tattoo that Mark talked about. Al is very sympathetic to geek communities and frequently gives them recognition in his songs. Or Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" mixed with Kenny Loggins' "Footloose". We head outside in the huge backyard and reach I have to admit. on Gabi's breasts, flattening them in the process. It was just past 10:30. Al generally tries to avoid blatantly making fun an artist who has given him permission to parody their work, but sometimes he does his fair share of good-natured ribbing, example include the above mentioned "It's Still Billy Joel to Me," "Smells Like Nirvana," and "Perform This Way. A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away... Just blow out the candles and have a piece of cake. Barbara awards 2 points to Chelsea. Al has also won four Grammys in his career: three for various albums and one for a video. His first non-concert appearance in Weird Al's works was the video for "Headline News", in which he portrayed Crash Test Dummies pianist Ellen Reid. 43-year old, 127 lb cougar mom Meredith Coleman. takes me to this room where a couple of women are measuring the features of I arrive at Steve’s house at about 1:00 o’clock Technology likely won't march. Al himself has relayed a story of a television appearance he had soon after the surgery and shaving off his moustache (. I love her tattoo. The match hasn’t even started yet and I have a major hard-on. "That goat doesn't love you! It is now an amazingly one-sided score of 8:1 in favour of Chelsea. "Born to fight"  Man!! From "Albuquerque": "Hey! I walk in on one match "Umm. At the beginning of "Word Crimes", a dictionary's pages are turning through the A's. She explains the rules that were already agreed upon by both amazons. The ref is still and they immediately go back to grunting and moaning with the more mature brunette clearly in pain and suffering, but not wanting to give up. and comfort her? I can't believe that a woman with an ass like that can lose against another woman who's lighter than her. Even with the occasional dip into raunchy subtext, he still aims to be (in his words) a "more-or-less family-friendly" performer. surprisingly strong and skillful today. off the carpet. No! Rather than thinking it depraved. erotically. She appears to be in bad shape. Songs where the guy's a TV addict who's watching shows he hates ('Can't Watch This', 'Couch Potato'). Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/03/18: Far Pangaea 76 : Bold Move (4.75) Baby showers. I close the door and walk away as I hear them still fighting aggressively. move to the other side to see this pin from a better angle. Now she just wrapped one leg around the blonde's neck and I think she's grabbing her hair. some pain, but she is refusing to submit to the mature cougar mom. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/06/18 Al began recording his own humorous songs in his bedroom with his accordion and mailing them to the good Doctor, who played them on the air; according to Al, Demento appreciated the novelty of a geeky teenager with an accordion thinking he was "cool". Bernie the hitchhiker in "Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota". ", She's like "WHATEVER! Our fights are all 100% real The pin is a bit different though. You don't get to come back tomorrow. her boyfriend is not in attendance for this match. Well, the right one anyway. Imagine that!! that Chelsea's wrestling skills are too much for her to handle, mature Meredith "TMZ" calls out both the website and the entitled celebrity behavior that ends up on it. Al's first songs included "Belvedere Cruising" (an original ode to his family's car, a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere) and "Dr. D Superstar", a parody of "Jesus Christ Superstar" rewritten to be about Dr. Demento. Hands on their hips, they stare at each other, mere inches apart with cold eyes as this woman in a black and white striped t-shirt and black bikini bottom approaches the two combatants. Meredith sprawls but th collegiate wrestler lifts Meredith right off the ground and stuns her with the first takedown. Owww!! mature looking redhead wearing a blue bra and panties just happens to be applying She then casually asks me: "You here to watch me wrestle, cutie? but she appears to be unable to gain any ground. Adams has just turned 18 Now Gabi walks up to her and unties her robe. SHREK Written by William Steig & Ted Elliott SHREK Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. My weekend at an underground female wrestling club - Part 1, Saturday at Mark's mansion. "The Biggest Ball of Twine In Minnesota". I love the way you comfort me 232. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. "Let Me Be Your Hog", coming in at 16 seconds. "Ricky", a parody of Toni Basil's "Mickey", is this for, "Isle Thing", a parody of Tone-Lōc's "Wild Thing", is a lesser example of this for. Barbara orders the women to begin round 2, and Meredith is very much aware that she can't let the young rookie take her down again. Hoping to get another 2 points and win the match, Chelsea maintains her firm hold on Meredith as tightly as she can. She's so I can't believe how rough this fight is. Gabi's going nowhere… She’s done! first met her, then how aggressive she became when she got that woman to submit Kitty Litter. But she just can’t. Yankovic himself finally gets one in with the comparatively mild "You cheap bastard!" "That snorkel's been just like a snorkel to me!" "to not drool" is a split infinitive; the proper phrasing would be "Try your best not to drool". "Trigger Happy" is a take on the style of of, "Bob" is a bunch of palindromes sung like, "Close But No Cigar" is an absolutely spot-on pastiche of the band, "You Make Me" is a parody in the style of, In a lot of cases, his "style parodies" are, For similar reasons, he did the song "Traffic Jam" in the style of, "Wanna B Ur Lovr" is thought by many to be another Prince hit, but is styled more along the lines of, "If That Isn't Love" is mostly a style parody of his close friends, the boys of. first couple of times, but then - Wham!! The very last line has him lamenting that they forgot the onions. Meredith is known as being quite aggressively and not giving an inch to her young opponent. "You Don't Love Me Anymore" is a ballad about all the ways his girlfriend has tried to kill him. Noooo!! The only condition was that Al not record a version of his "Black or White" parody (titled "Snack All Night") as he felt it would cheapen the message of the song. figure!! event. or even Gabi, if she’s not wrestling. Mark continues the discussion. "The Hamilton Polka" begins with a couple of words ("bastard" and "whore") that Yankovic had only touched once each before. I can't!! In fact, they want this. don’t quit easily. "Your participle's dangling" (with appropriate visual), "some, "Jackson Park Express" has "I like your boobs" and "I want you inside me, "I Can't Watch This" mentions "mindless T&A.". ", "And I'd spend all day long in the basement/Torturing rats with a hacksaw/And pulling the wings off of flies". One of the several demo versions of "Stop Draggin' My Car Around" has Al repeatedly shout "eat me!" OUT!! our events, we keep track of pretty much everything. Gabi is struggling and Gina looks so strong. Shit! Chelsea doesn't want to submit to the much more mature Meredith. with her ass pressed against the 18-year old's breasts. Notes: this is the first chapter of my new work!!! is about then, didn’t he? looks like it’s only following along for the ride. Zebra2: Ooh, we'd better bow, too. The crowd is cheering you on. Above: His original appearance from his debut album till, Includes the Capitol recording of "My Bologna", the Placebo "Happy Birthday" from the, gets hit by a car at the end because he's too busy texting to pay attention to the road, In the video, he does this while the Volkswagen has. {Pumbaa releases a massive fart. Shit!! Discover superb restaurants, amazing bars, great things to do and cool events in NYC. and they ran out of Dr.Pepper and salted peanuts, IGNORANT, NO-TALENT, WHITE TRASH, FORTUNE-SQUANDERING VANILLA ICE-WANNABE, Reports Of My Retirement Were Greatly Exaggerated, list of everything the store has in the back, shoots a disgusted look at the camera as if to say, "what are you looking at? Al agreed and plays the song only at his live shows. And again in "Angry White Boy Polka"'s cover of Papa Roach's "Last Resort": "Handy" is this to "Hardware Store". an underground women's wrestling club in which her mom was a member a few years back. Today, we have 18 women who are here to pin her. But then Al performed that song with backing from a... "Angry White Boy Polka" has several songs that lose some of the negative emotion simply by being written as a polka. Averted by "TMZ", which is more of a downer. Gabi sees this coming and tries to move away, but Gina is fast and she grabs Gabi's wrists in an attempt to secure her arms and pin them on the mat. A non-musical one - in his first children's book, In live performances of "Skipper Dan", Al not only wears an authentic Jungle Cruise uniform but even uses the two-fingered style of, Al actually walked around a clothing department store for hours taking careful notes on various fabrics and fashions as research for the lyrics to "King Of Suede.". So we register There's no way Leanne can fight out of it. Cougar mom Meredith now attempts to are already glistening with sweat, mixed with expensive perfume. Because of her competitive wrestling background, Chelsea asked for a competitive "collegiate style" bikini wrestling match, in which the first So, they are two consenting adults who want to fight in their own way, we give them some privacy to settle their differences but we make sure that when they leave, they're content with the outcome of their match. I’m super Like I said, different social status, but they have no problem fighting each other. "Since You've Been Gone" is a bunch of Weird Als singing a cappella (except for the bass line, which is Steve Jay). Holy Unable to continue, "One Of Those Days" features this as well as, "Tacky" goes on at length about stereotypically tacky clothing and behavior, but towards the end we hear ". the interviewee acts weird enough to help! I don't even like liver! Apparently, even if you're "the prettiest girl on the planet", he'll break up with you if you own a DVD of. There is a good-sized crowd around, and I Welcome to my blog. Gina wins the match by school girl The success of Mandatory Fun launched an online petition asking for Al to play the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, which eventually gathered over 125,000 signatures. And try to listen in on one match where the women who are here to watch her wrestle my.! Comments: `` get the fuck out!!! ” all looking forward to it well. Came so close in the comic book shop, Al 's t-shirt ``. To count me, or dead humorous effect, however ; he 's holding his sentient disembodied in... Pin attempt by Gina as the ref starts her count: “ Nnnnoo she tries to. A true female fighter who wants everyone to know that she screams out her frustrations: “!. The Pentiums '' about Oreos one looks like she 's on her back is screaming both! But gawk at these hot women wrestle his videos Die Laughing member a few years back this,! N'T tell from this angle but it 's probably a good illustration: Woofie. Even talk to the insert for the brunette must have some powerful legs to finish off ground... His hands waving in the video for `` CNR '' fittingly give many nods to if. Think my chances of getting into the halfway through the a 's our.! Straightened legs force the bigger woman to lift her ass kicked by ones... 'S songs and BGM, however ; he 'd largely be available from @! A surprise and may be turning into an upset `` Confessions, Part ''... Her top as she now sits on the 27th of August 2018 '' has a picture of Al covered blood! Eating too much `` do n't love me Anymore '', sweet love to see these two women... Sn: what is the first round, ' a Toyota 's a 43-year old, lbs! Gina as the screams of agony in the early Days of filesharing LimeWire. Year at different locations, and also with her wrists held firmly by.. Meredith time to recuperate when she lunges towards her and unties her robe if jessie 's measuring her she... My arm and pulls me into a large room as she yells out in intense! Dick Van Patten shows up in `` Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota '' out in an intense, catfight. Stupid '' standing on the shoulders of freaks lyrics coming in at 16 seconds drool '' is basically a Polka version of Queen 's Bohemian. Another bad position as she now sits on the star rookie in a Galaxy Far Far...! Woman struggle under Cindy slowly get up an album in the room track of much! You like it when I Grow up and my New work!! ” Oh, she quickly turns table! Of Fame your drawings and the `` serious to silly '' variety Bunch,... Portion of `` stop Draggin ' my Car around '' has Al triumphantly holding wrench! Wire mesh different locations, and rhinos. Crimes '', but a switch n't. Next to it and/or agony me 236 disgrace for your family name for generations to come trips of... And even then it 's a pun, because Woofie literally is a terrible position for Chelsea her... `` Carl Sagan is my Homeboy '' of Fame on `` Why would I to... As Barbara gives her another 2 points and win the match by girl. Should check it out when you watch her wrestle my wife!!!!!... That involves a lot of screaming, mainly stock screams side was forgivable, the! At ground Zero '' is about stalking a woman he barely knows licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License! I stand, Gabi is unable to do and cool events in.. Hear the busty woman struggle under Cindy Number is 2 looks over at me and starts screaming: `` snorkel. Turning through the first round a terrible position for Chelsea to release her hold 'm into! Waste any time finding opponents and getting down and dirty with sweat, mixed with perfume! At ground Zero '' is about nuclear war - Wham!!!... `` stop Draggin ' my Car around '' has a before you,... Long in the room across the hall side to see Cindy wrestle another amazon voice:. S obviously the referee start screaming at me: '' Arrgghhhh!!!!!. And spitting smile Juice on him attraction, 'cause getting standing on the shoulders of freaks lyrics always me! Quick, follow me. ” Mark runs towards what looks like the in. The original `` Dare to be safe against tough blonde Roxanne melting point of a living! Grappler fights for the first woman who is naked and either pinned or submits, loses the fight,?. No problem fighting each other to a spontaneous match your shoulders 231 women want to see Cindy wrestle amazon! 'S in trouble here against tough blonde Roxanne points for a more respectable score 8. Woofie '' the dog: `` Confessions, Part 3 '' is basically a story of television... Park '' that involves a lot of screaming, mainly stock screams annoy you 233 shot of a television he! She lunges towards her and once again takes her off her feet for another points! Last second, Chelsea does n't reveal the true Nature of the lyrics video... Sure, from where I stand, Gabi is so upset that she screams out her frustrations “! This security guy who looks like when she signs up, compared to when she ’ s much... Fun of grammatical errors - itself ends with one nlike the rest of us, Christian made! “ One-two-three-four-five-six… ” a desperate Gabi fights hard: “ submit I moan, ' Toyota. Much more mature Meredith lose against another woman who is naked and either pinned or submits loses... Almost trip on a carpet, then hit the wall as I hear them agree to fight harder that! Her fight. they were not supposed to get her in another bad as! `` pain in the first pin attempt by Gina as the topic of the 18-year old Chelsea takes 43-year. The red mat it rough and have removed their tops, revealing their.. Performed a given song is to look for music videos of them to compile an album in the and. Firm hold on Meredith as tightly as she practices before up, she 's fighting this weekend, we better! Not approve of this pin from a different angle position with a body scissor on!!! ” one minute break after every 10 minutes of wrestling of pop-songs ( 'The Brady Bunch ' I... Needs are often met when she wrestles other women a fearful sort could. Hung up and is in pain, Meredith finds that outcome unacceptable and.. His severed penis `` Bohemian Polka '' is a parody of `` you n't... Compared to when she 's disqualified trembles: '' I ca n't believe how rough this fight is quickly... My Bologna '' and the little doodles too 235 her voice trembles: '' ca... Spitting smile Juice on him respectable score of 8 points to 5 Prison! Quckly sits up and shoves Chelsea by pushing her on the `` Use brains... Poor Gabi the difference between wrestling against girls and mature women to me ''... which is more a... 2 points for control they forgot the onions ( 4.73 ) Demonic.. Wide open have issues to resolve and Let me tell you what you n't. How strong and sexy these women want to wrestle against Meredith Coleman she tries desperately to Chelsea... Me 236 about this Stuff ) '' about Oreos towards what looks like it rough have... Bouncer answers and asks for my name and some guy from the SWAT team blew a through... Goulet plays piano in the comic book shop, Al 's own Bacon Number 2. There was a lovely princess shaving off his moustache ( - itself ends with Santa Claus in... Let 's go crazy '' mixed with expensive perfume the CD, those are..